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A slip and fall accident can cause serious brain and spinal cord injuries. If you were injured at a business or on another person’s property or injured at work, our Birmingham personal injury attorneys at Jaffe & Erdberg can assist you in recovering fair compensation for your injuries. While we may handle many cases over the years, our clients typically only have one. We know that this makes it a serious honor for them to trust this case to us—and we treat it as such. Our legal team applies hard work, detailed investigation, and zealous advocacy to achieve the results our clients deserve.


When clients come into our office when the case is over to receive their compensation, they are sometimes so excited they give us a hug or handshake. This is truly the most rewarding aspect of our jobs.

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Premises liability issues arise any time a dangerous condition on another’s property causes someone to be injured. Common examples include floors that are wet, causing the victim to slip, or floors that are uneven, causing the victim to trip. Slip and fall cases are different from many personal injury cases, such as car accidents, because often it is more difficult to corroborate the facts and determine fault. In car accidents, liability is typically determined on the scene and there are police reports to document the facts of the case. In slip and fall cases, it is the attorney’s job to prepare a case that assigns liability.


Our lawyers are experienced in handling slip and fall accident cases in retail stores, supermarkets, or other premises and have handled a range of injuries, including back, neck, and broken bones. You can rely on our firm to represent you diligently and effectively.

  • If you have been injured, we may be able to help you recover:

    • Medical costs
    • Lost wages
    • Physical therapy
    • Missed time
    • Pain and suffering

Do I Have a Slip & Fall Accident Case?

To determine negligence, the plaintiff must demonstrate that the caretakers acted negligently. Most importantly, it must be shown that the store either had notice or should have had notice of the defect but did not take appropriate action to cure the defect. We can use the facts of your case to prove that the caretaker had knowledge but did not act in accordance with due standards of care. At Jaffe & Erdberg, our attorneys use investigative methods to prepare the facts of your case. We speak to customers, obtain video surveillance tapes, and collect other evidence necessary to maintain that the premises caretakers were negligent.


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If you or a loved one requires long-term or institutionalized care, our attorneys can help you obtain compensation for current as well as future healthcare costs. At Jaffe & Erdberg, we have strong, pre-established relationships with quality healthcare providers in the area. Due to our reputation in the community, numerous medical providers allow our clients to treat with no out of pocket costs and wait to be paid from the client’s insurance settlement, allowing them to get the treatment they need to recover from their injuries.


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