Birmingham Bankruptcy Lawyer

Helping Clients Find Debt Relief
  • Bankruptcy can help to eliminate issues including:

    • Creditor harassment
    • Unsecured debt
    • Garnishments
    • Property repossession

Getting Legal Advice From A Bankruptcy Attorney

Have you accumulated a substantial amount of debt and see no feasible way to pay it down? If you are struggling to make monthly payments, filing for bankruptcy can allow you the freedom from debt that you need to rebuild your finances and move forward with your life. In Alabama, individuals who do not possess sufficient income to repay creditors may qualify for the discharge of debts through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.


The decision to pursue a bankruptcy of any kind must not be taken lightly and every financial option should be taken into consideration. At Jaffe & Erdberg, we help clients to understand if a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right option for their situation. If you are seeking debt-reduction solutions and would like to learn more about your legal options, contact our Birmingham Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers.

Is Chapter 7 Right for Me?

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your unsecured debt such as car payments and credit cards will be discharged. In exchange, your assets will be subject to liquidation towards the goal of repaying your creditors. It is important to understand that not all debts will be erased in this way. If you decide that Chapter 7 is right for you, our attorneys can help you to structure your bankruptcy so that you hold on to as much of your property as possible.

Get 70+ Years of Collective Experience in Your Corner!

If you are ready to remove the burden of debt, contact Jaffe & Erdberg today. Our Birmingham Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers put clients first and can work to provide effective advocacy at each step of a bankruptcy and beyond. After your case has ended, you may still be left with many questions. For this reason, our firm has partnered with 720creditscore.com, a service which helps clients rebuild their credit after bankruptcy. We have handled thousands of cases and can help you to secure your financial freedom.


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