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  • Steps You Can Take to Repair Your Credit:

    • Check your credit report carefully (Look for potential mistakes)
    • Keep current with your monthly payments
    • Keep balances low (Don’t accrue more debt)
    • Try to pay back some debt
    • Don’t close credit accounts

The Birmingham bankruptcy attorneys at Jaffe & Erdberg are here to help. We have seen many individuals go through the bankruptcy process and have a strong understanding of how to rebuild credit. With 70+ years of collective experience. We guide you through every step and always encourage you to call us with any question or concern you may have. We guide you…call us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Credit Repair After Bankruptcy

While repairing your credit after a bankruptcy can feel like a daunting task, it can be much more straightforward than you may realize. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Birmingham have years of experience helping clients restore their financial situation through bankruptcy. We can advise you on how to rebuild your credit line and get back on the right track.


Always be careful of scams that promise instant credit improvement. The best way to fix such a problem is through displaying responsible spending habits and care with loans and debts. If you need legal help, contact our bankruptcy attorneys at Jaffe & Erdberg. We can help you reclaim your finances and breathe easier.


At Jaffe & Erdberg, we know how a stressful a time this can be. We are here to get you through it. If you would like comprehensive credit repair guidance, be sure to reach out to our firm.
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