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Motorcycle accidents are often accompanied by more severe injuries because of the vulnerable position of the motorcycle rider. We take motorcycle accident cases seriously and seek to recover just compensation possible in every case. We can help pursue the maximum recovery for your motorcycle injuries.


Our personal injury attorneys work hard to make sure you are compensated and taken care of into the future. We give your case the diligence, attention, and personalized solutions you deserve. While we may have many cases at our firm over the years, you will likely only have one. We give your case the diligence, attention, and personalized solutions deserved. When you call on us, you can be confident we will return your calls and provide informative answers to your questions and concerns. Our job is to ensure you are comfortable and stress-free throughout this process.

Injuries Involved in Motorcycle Accidents

Many victims suffer traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, even death.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may face exorbitant medical bills, be unable to work, and wonder how you will financially and physically move forward after your traumatic ordeal. Motorcycle accident cases can be highly complex. Our personal injury lawyers are experienced in handling insurance claims and we know how to pursue a motorcycle accident case to protect you into the future.


Helping Clients Level the Playing Field w/ Insurers

We know how insurers handle claims filed by victims like you. They try to pressure you to take their first offer or even try to deny your claim by blaming you for the accident. We don’t let insurance companies take advantage of our clients. Our team is focused on helping our clients fight for the highest compensation possible so they can pay for their medical bills, damaged bike, recover wages lost, and be compensated for pain and suffering. From negotiation all the way to litigation, we can skillfully navigate each step of the claims process, ensuring that you are treated fairly by insurers.


Trust Your Accident Claim to Our Seasoned Firm

When you come to our firm, we can help you prepare for the future, retain medical treatment, recover for lost wages or job loss, and restore your financial well-being after a motorcycle crash. For a free consultation with an experienced Birmingham, AL motorcycle accident lawyer, contact Jaffe & Erdberg. We would be happy to arrange an initial consultation or case evaluation.

  • Please contact our Birmingham motorcycle accident attorneys if you've suffered the following in an accident:

    • Head injury
    • TBI
    • Burns / lacerations
    • Wrongful death of a loved one
    • Spine or brain injuries
    • Back & neck injuries


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