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Hiring A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Birmingham AL

The law firm of Jaffe & Erdberg is a top filer of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases in the City of Birmingham.  Anchored by founder Joe Erdberg, one of the longest continually practicing attorneys in the consumer bankruptcy community, the law firm has filed thousands of bankruptcy cases, helping thousands of people through the process of turning their financial lives around.


Joe Erdberg graduated from the University of Alabama School of Law in 1974. He also received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama in 1971. In the Birmingham-area bankruptcy community, Joe has been the constant and ever-present force working to represent the needs of those whose lives have been disrupted by financial problems. He remains committed to doing so, always with personal attention to the needs of the firm’s clients. Joe understands that bankruptcy is more than a business. It is a way to bring new financial life and freedom to the people the firm serves.


David Murphee is a 1991 graduate of the Cumberland School of Law and received his bachelor’s degree from Auburn University in 1985. From 1992 until 1994, David was the law clerk to the Honorable Tamara O. Mitchell, currently the longest serving bankruptcy judge in the State of Alabama. David has also spoken extensively at consumer bankruptcy seminars and helps the firm stay up to date in the ever-changing area of bankruptcy law and procedure.

The Birmingham bankruptcy attorneys at Jaffe & Erdberg are committed to efficient bankruptcy service with personal attention. Our law firm’s philosophy is to ensure that the attorneys have as much contact with each client as is possible and as is necessary to know every case inside and out. With a combined 70+ years of bankruptcy experience, the law firm of Jaffe & Erdberg is the natural choice for helping you through your financial situation.

Types of Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or as it is more commonly known, “straight bankruptcy,” is the process of eliminating debt by receiving the Chapter 7 “discharge,” a federal court order that an individual’s debts are extinguished. The purpose of Chapter 7, according to the courts, is to provide comprehensive relief from unsecured debt. At the client’s discretion, secured debt, such as for homes and vehicles, pass through the Chapter 7, allowing the client to keep a valuable and necessary asset and continue to pay for it as if the bankruptcy never happened. Other debts, with some exception, vanish completely, giving the client the fresh financial start without the continuing burden of crippling debt.


Chapter 13 bankruptcy, commonly known as “Debtor’s Court,” is an efficient and financially attractive repayment plan for important debts, such as mortgage notes, automobile loans, income taxes, and domestic support obligations. Repayment plans for Chapter 13 cases are structured around the individual client’s ability to pay, and almost always result in a monthly repayment of considerably less than the client’s current monthly obligations. Chapter 13 is also available to individuals who have had a Chapter 7 case in the recent past, but who have incurred unmanageable debt since the Chapter 7 discharge.


Both types of bankruptcy offer the fundamental protection of the Bankruptcy Code, which include the immediate and automatic stopping of all collection activities from any creditor, including garnishments, lawsuits, foreclosures, and repossessions. Known in the Bankruptcy Code as the “automatic stay,” the filing of a bankruptcy case results in an immediate and comprehensive injunction against all collection activities.


Put simply, bankruptcy law is the single most favorable law enacted for the financial protection of the individual in a consumer and debt-driven economy. It is designed specifically to assist an individual through difficult financial times, and the law firm of Jaffe & Erdberg is committed to ensuring that process works effectively and smoothly for our clients.


The “720 Credit Score” System

Jaffe & Erdberg is pleased to announce that it has partnered with “720creditscore.com” to offer a credit rebuilding program in conjunction with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. Although results vary with each case, the overall positive effects of the “720 Credit Score” program have been proven, and it promises to be a valuable tool for our goal of helping you manage your debt and rebuild your financial life and your financial freedom.


This program normally sells for $1,000, but is provided to clients of Jaffe & Erdberg for free.


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